Overview of Condo Cluster

Condo Cluster consists primarily of 168 SuperMicro servers (expandable to 324 servers) each with two 8-core Intel Haswell processors, 128 GB of memory and 2.5 TB of available local disk. Besides these compute nodes there are two large memory nodes. One large memory node has four 8-core Intel Ivy Bridge processors and 1 TB of main memory. Second large memory node has four 10-core Ivy Bridge processors and 2 TB of main memory. All nodes and storage are connected via Intel/Qlogic QDR InfiniBand (40 Mb/s) switch.

Detailed Hardware Specification

Number of Nodes Processors per Node Cores per Node Memory per Node Interconnect Local $TMPDIR Disk Accelerator Card
168 Two 2.6 GHz 8-Core Intel E5-2640 v3 16 128 GB 40G IB 2.5 TB N/A
1 Four 2.6 GHz 8-Core Intel E5 4620 v2 32 1 TB 40G IB 1.8 TB N/A
1 Four 2.2 GHz 10-Core Intel E7 4830 v2 40 2 TB 40G IB 1.3 TB N/A

Condo Cluster has a 256TB shared Lustre scratch diskspace named /lustre, and 756TB of RAID-6 long term NFS disk space under quota. To ensure data integrity of the large NFS space, nightly rsyncs (backups) are performed to a read-only space within Condo Cluster, so that data can be recovered from the day before in case of filesystem corruption.