CyEnce: Login and File Transfer

CyEnce will use SecureID devices for added security. These are used at secure
facilities the world over. The device will have a small display which will have a 6 digit
number that changes every 30 seconds. This device will be used for the Passcode
in the first step of the login, as explained later.

The new accounts on CyEnce will use Google Authenticator instead of SecurID devices to 
login to the gateway node.

Telnet is disabled on CyEnce for security reasons.  To login to CyEnce, you must
first use the Secure Shell (ssh) to the gateway machine:
Instead of issuing "telnet discovery", issue "ssh".
The first time you do this on a machine, it will respond with 
"host key not found, generate hostkey?(yes/no)".  Answer yes.

You will then be prompted for your Passcode. This is the PIN for your SecureID
device followed by the 6 digits currently displayed on the device.
The first time you use the SecureID device, the PIN will be blank, so just use the 6 digits 
that the SecureID device displays. Then the login will require that you set a PIN.  The PIN 
must be alphanumeric and contain 4-6 characters, and contain at least one alphabetic character 
and at least one number.  Thereafter, when prompted for the Passcode, type this PIN first
followed by the 6 digits displayed on the SecureID device, with no intervening blanks.
Essentially, this becomes a password which has two part, the first, which you remember,
and the second which is changing randomly every 30 seconds.

Once onto discovery, you can then log into the machine named share via the command
ssh share and with the password you were supplied.  This two-step login should keep 
the machine safe from outsiders.

To copy data to or from CyEnce, login to share, and then login to the 
data transfer node stream (i.e. ssh stream) and issue:
scp remotemachine:file  file
out using:
scp file remotemachine:file

This will copy the file into your home directory on the remote machine, or from the home directory on
the remote machine. It is also possible to ftp from CyEnce. This can be much faster
than scp for large files because it does not encrypt the data.

ssh is generally available on all Linux and Unix machines.
Putty can be used from a Windows machine if no other ssh software is available
on that machine.

Cyence: Login from off-campus

  Access to discovery.its is limited to machines in the domain.
To access this machine from a home computer install the ISU VPN using the following link:

    Installation of ISU VPN