CyStorm - Available Software

System Software
 This machine is running Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6.4 

 TORQUE (PBS) is used for resource and job management.

 The application of operating system patches occurs as security needs dictate.  
 All nodes allow for unlimited stack usage, as well as unlimited core dump size 
 (though disk space and server quotas may still be a limiting factor). 

 For information on job schedulers refer to the 
 Managing jobs using the PBS job scheduler Section.

GNU Compilers:
 Fortran compiler (gfortran) 
 C and C++ Compilers (gcc and g++ ) 

 MPI (Using Infiniband):
  OpenMPI with Gnu Fortran  ( mpif90)
  OpenMPI with GNU C and C++ ( mpicc , mpic++)

Performance and Debugging tools

 GNU Debugger (/usr/bin/gdb)
 This debugger can be used to debug serial programs written in C and C++.

Scientific Libraries
 MPI Message Passing Library (mpirun MPI Tutorial)