Classroom Cluster - Login and File Transfer

Telnet is disabled on hpc-class for security reasons.  To login to hpc-class, you must
use the Secure Shell (ssh):

The first time you do this on a machine, it will respond with 
"host key not found, generate hostkey?(yes/no)".  Answer yes.

The password for is the same as that for CyMail  

ftp access into hpc-class is also disabled.  To copy a file into hpc-class, issue
the command 
  scp file  

This will copy the file into your home directory on hpc-class. 

It is also possible to ftp from hpc-class. This is faster than scp for large 
files because the file is not encrypted.

ssh is usually available on any Linux machine.

For Microsoft Windows based machines, ssh is available as part of Windows ITS downloads
under the link for Secure Shell.

Classroom Cluster - Login from off-campus

Access to hpc-class.its is limited to machines in the domain.
To access this machine from a home computer install the ISU VPN using the following link:

    Installation of ISU VPN