lightning3: Recommended compiler options

Use of the Intel Fortran, C, and C++ compilers is recommended for all applications. Detailed information about these compilers can be found by issuing "man icc" and "man ifort".

Recommended compiler options for High Performance

The default compiler options is "-O2". However, the use of "-fast" compiler option will usually provide better performance of your program. This option includes "-xHost" option which tells the compiler to generate instructions for the highest instruction set available on the compilation host processor.

Recommended compiler options for Debugging

The -check all option performs run-time subscript range checking and checks for unintialized variables (only for Fortran programs). Subscripts that are out of range can cause fatal runtime errors. -ftrapuv is also useful for unitialized stack variables for both C and Fortran. Note, that -check bounds option doesn't perform subscript range checking in C and C++ programs.

The -check-uninit option causes the use of unitialized variables to be detected at run-time for C program.