lightning3: Current Storage Situation

Home directories
  Currently each user has 1 GB in home directory (/home/<username>).

Long-term Group storage
  Each group has a directory shared by all members of the
  group (and only that group).  These directories are links
  under the directory /work. To find yours, issue the groups
  command. The first group listed is your primnary group.

  E.g.  For user jjc, groups shows ccresearch users.
  This means that /work/ccresearch is available on all nodes and
  jjc can create files there using the ccresearch group's quota.
  group quota for this space is based on the shares for the group
  and can be seen using quota -gs.

Temporary local storage
  One can use the storage on the disk drive on each of the compute 
  nodes by reading and writing to $TMPDIR (about 4 TB).  This is 
  temporary storage that can be used only during the execution of 
  your program. Only processors executing on a node have access to 
  this disk drive.  Since 16 processors share this same storage, you 
  must include the rank of the executing MPI processes when reading 
  and writing files to $TMPDIR.

Submitting MPI job
  When submitting an MPI job make sure that the executable resides in
  one of the shared locations:
       /home/<user>     (where <user> is your user name)
       /work/<group>    (where <group> is your group name)
  All these locations are mounted on each of the compute nodes.