lightningsmp: Login and File Transfer

Telnet is disabled on lightningsmp for security reasons.  To login to lightningsmp, you must
use the Secure Shell (ssh). Instead of issuing telnet lightningsmp, issue ssh lightningsmp.
The first time you do this on a machine, it will respond with 
"host key not found, generate hostkey?(yes/no)".  Answer yes.

ftp access into lightningsmp is also disabled.  To copy a file into lightningsmp, issue
the command scp file  . This will copy the file into your home
directory on lightningsmp. It is also possible to ftp from lightningsmp. This is much faster
than scp for large files.

ssh is available on any Project Vincent machine.  If you need to install
ssh on any non-Vincent Unix machine, you can obtain the tar file
ssh-1.2.27.tar and use the installation tools.  
You will need a C compiler and root access to install ssh.

If you would like to login or scp without using a password, this is possible.
Download the script nopasswd_login to the UNIX desktop
machine on which you want to use the password with no login, and then issue
ksh nopasswd_login

You will be prompted for your Lightning password twice, then you will no longer need
the password when you issue ssh lightningsmp.its  or issue scp's from your
desktop to Lightning.

lightningsmp: Login from off-campus

  Access to lightningsmp.its is limited to machines in the domain.
To access this machine from a home computer for example, there are
three possibilities listed here in order of ease of use.

1) ssh to some machine on campus such as telnet.eng and
  ssh from there. If the intermediate machine allows ssh tunneling
  use the -X option on both ssh commands to allow X applications
  to tunnel the Xcommunications to tunnel back across the 
  incoming ssh connection.

2) Use secure telnet to isua, then ssh from there.
   The SCOUT package for Windows has hummingbird telnet.
Scout installation instructions 

3) Install the VPN software from SCOUT (it is an advanced pacakage).
   Then when the VPN is running, you can ssh directly to lightningsmp.
   (Installing VPN software on your machine at home causes access to
    the domain to go through special routing that makes
    it look like it is coming from inside of the
    domain. Access to any other domain is unaffected.)

    VPN installation instructions from ISU's ITS faq are at the links: 
    SSL VPN Installation for Microsoft Windows
     or at
    SSL VPN Installation for Macintosh
    (Linux instructions are on both of the above sites.)